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CHANNEL TRAILER - Jupitus and Master Galada

This is the NEW TRAILER for my page. Watch Master Galada and Jupitus' spaceship as they are approaching the planet of Anthony Cohen's World!! How will they react???

One-Minute Meditation with Jean-Michel [PARODY]

Join Jean-Michel for this meditation session! He is our expert and will guide you! :D

Poetry with Marcel, a French gentleman!

2 minutes of poetry with Marcel!

It will change your life...I think :D

Funny Duet - Grease - You're the one that I want



Smule : https://www.smule.com/AnthonyCoh

Funny Duets - Compilation #2


Barry White, Amy Winehouse and more!

Come sing with me on Smule! 


Funny Duets - Compilation #1


Come sing with me on Smule!  :D


Survivor - Killing a Chicken [PARODY TV SHOW]

The team won a chicken! But who will kill it?? :D

The Coming Out [SKIT]

Watch the reaction of his father when Max finally makes his coming out...

Surprise Homecoming! [HIDDEN CAMERA]

I flew from NY to France to surprise my mother!
See her reaction! :)

The Striptease [SKETCH]

Now that's a striptease! :D

How To Have SEX With Your Girlfriend Every Night?

Apply this method and this will work every time! lol

Life is Just a Game!

See you all next week for a new video series! Can't wait!

Anthony Cohen can never stop laughing! [COMPILATION]

God! I can never stop laughing when I shoot a video! Here is the compilation of all my laughters. Hahah! :D

The American Dream of a Dramatic Frenchman in New York!

Yes I can be a little dramatic at work but it's really not easy to be French :D

My first feature film role: A NAZI!

If you want to make it to Hollywood, you have to take one for the team.

Wait... is this the barman! Really?

While my two accomplices distract the barman, I smoothly manage to go behind the bar.

And this is when the real party started! Champagne, cocktails, a blast! 

Thank God for Wine :)

 If you are a little sad, if you think that your life is a mess, take a glass of wine and smile :)

The Tonyshow - Episode 4: The Record of Funny Faces!

In this 4th episode, Anthony is pushing craziness to the next level. As always, just sit back, relax and enjoy!

The cameraman can't stop laughing! [WATCH TILL THE END]

The cameraman and the crew totally lost it! We just could not stop laughing!
Watch till the end for a time travel experience! :D

French Jackass in the Alps! Dangerous Stunts!

In France too we can do crazy stunts! Fortunately no one was injured while shooting this fast paced video clip!

"Disaster" in a Jewish Family (SKETCH!)

It's terrible! Watch my grand-mother learn an impossible news. What a disaster! ;)

When a Jewish Mother feeds her son...

The love of a Jewish mother often expresses itself with food. The more their children are eating, the happier they think they are.

Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) [FUNNY MONTAGE]

Waw! The pictures are singing by themselves!

Dirty Dancing - (I've Had) The Time of My Life [DUO LIP SYNC]

Schizophrenia might not be all bad after all!... Or is it?!

Rabbi Cohen dances on the teacher's desk!

Rabbi Cohen likes mathematics but believes that dancing is so much better :D

Watch out! Rabbi Cohen can show up when you expect him the least!

Rabbi Cohen dances on the teacher's desk! - 2nd Camera

Another cameraman was hiding in the classroom. You now have the chance to see Rabbi Cohen's butt from a different angle!

Rabbi Cohen dances on the teacher's desk! [MAKING OF]

What?? Rabbi Cohen is not a real rabbi but just another handsome French man :D

Surprise Homecoming with a Magic Trick! [HIDDEN CAMERA]

My family thinks I'm in New York but I took a plane to France without telling anyone.

It's time for the surprise with some cool magic trick!


What is "Photobombing"?

Photobombing is a full time job. Always be ready to spoil a picture!

30 Years of Craziness! [SHAKIRA STYLE]

Try this move Shakira! You've been challenged! :D

Whenever, wherever.... life is just a game!

Jackson 5 - I want you back [LIP SYNC]

The Jackson 5 broke up after watching this video. I'm deeply sorry :D

Crazy Rabbi Cohen [BEGINS]

Crazy Rabbi Cohen disturbs a class. I mean you can't blame the man, when it's time to dance, it's time to dance! ;)

Exciting Amateur Free Fall in Spain! [ONBOARD CAMERA]

Welcome to Empuriabrava, Spain. What a great day to jump off a plane at 15,000 feet of altitude!

Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly [LIP SYNC]

This video was approved by Gene Kelly's family (hmmm.... actually probably not lol)

French Band at a Jewish Wedding [GONE WILD]

Well it's not perfect but it was a lot of fun!

Songs by Enrico Macias and Johnny Hallyday (two famous French singers)

Mylo - Drop The Pressure - [CLIP NON-OFFICIAL]

It's hot!! :D

OMG! The Pictures are Singing by Themselves! [FUNNY MONTAGE]

I asked my family to take pictures of themselves saying every vowel in the alphabet... Here is the result!

Role in French movie: "Y'a des Limites"

Role in French movie: "Y'a des Limites" - In French, sorry!

Times Square Ball Drop with Santa Cohen - [WATCH TILL THE END!]

Santa Cohen is coming to town! Let him show you how beautiful New York is during the holidays!

How to Drive with Class! [REALLY?]

The car doesn't matter... as long as you have good friends!

The Official Xmas Dance! [DISCO STYLE]

Five Anthony's for the price of one! Might be too many in one single video :D

Jingle Bells!

haaaaaaaa... Christmas..... The most wonderful time of the year!

Trailer: Anthony Cohen's World

Welcome to Anthony Cohen's World! A world that makes no sense at all :D

Sit back, relax and just forget everything you've ever learned...